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Bulbs - Aerith + Xion - Kingdom Hearts Gen-Fic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kingdom Hearts Gen-Fic

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Bulbs - Aerith + Xion [Jan. 4th, 2010|02:35 pm]
Kingdom Hearts Gen-Fic
Title: Bulbs
Writer: Cy Fur
Rating: G
Notes: Might have a teeny bit of yuri if you squint and tilt your head, but not intended to be so.
Word Count: 641
Summary: On flowers and growing things.
Characters: Xion, Aerith
Disclaimer: They ain't mine.

She’s gardening, the first time. Aerith sees the little girl peeking around the doorway of her church. Her big blue eyes grow wider when she sees Aerith looking at her, and then there is the scent of darkness and the faint sound of the walls between the worlds being pushed aside. Aerith chalks it up to a random coincidence (the Heartless are popping in and out at random times, after all, and she assumes the little girl is alright, since she didn’t hear any screams; maybe it was one of the friendly Heartless, one of the Bulky Vendors). So she goes back to patting the soil down among the roots, feeling the flowers sing the joy of water and sun and soil, and lets half memories in the back of her mind fade.

The second time Aerith sees the girl, she catches a glimpse of black flickering out of the corner of her eye. If she looks directly at said flickering, it becomes a pillar with the very tip of the flap of a black coat, or a planter, or a gate. She can feel the blue eyes on the back of her neck, though, boring holes in it. She turns around to look, but there isn’t anyone there, just the tip of a shoe. She stays working for half an hour, trying not to get her knees too muddy, because mud is hell to get out of pink.

The third time Aerith sees the girl, she actually sees her, because the girl creeps over to sit next to her in her garden at home, watching her hands work with the soil, watches her pat it over the bulb, then reach for the next one. She puts it in wordlessly - this was like working with a timid cat. You had to be calm, you had to be still, or the poor thing would run off, possibly never to return. So instead of saying anything, Aerith plants the next bulb. After five minutes of silence, apart from the quiet, wet sounds of the spade overturning the soil and the quiet rustle of the sack holding the bulbs as Aerith reaches into it to get the next one, the girl hands it to her.

“What are you doing?” the girl’s voice is quiet, and it reminds Aerith of someone who she doesn’t remember, although it feels like an important somebody.
“I’m planting flowers,” Aerith says, just as quietly, and accepts a bulb from a leather gloved hand.
“Planting?” The girl’s voice is curious as she sits back on her heels, brushing a piece of dark hair out of her face. “What does that mean?”
“I’m putting the beginnings of flowers into the ground so they can become flowers.” Aerith holds a bulb out to the girl. She can smell darkness in her, all over her. It covers her like liquid velvet, bitter and pungent.
“This is the beginning of a flower?” The girl examines the bulb in her hand, feeling the papery skin and gently petting the curly tip. “Where does the color come from?”
“When it gets bigger,” Aerith says. “Just like people. You‘ll do it too, some day.”
Something in the girl’s face goes still. It isn’t like someone getting sad, because Aerith’s seen that before. No, it’s more like some little light in the back of her eyes goes dim. She holds out the flower bulb to Aerith, standing up.

“No, you can have it.” Aerith presses it in the leather gloved hand, squeezing the leather covered fingers, gently. “Plant it somewhere nice and tell me how it blooms, alright?”
The girl nods and squeezes the bulb, then walks off. Aerith hears the shifting of the world walls and when she looks back to see the fluttering of the black coat as the girl disappears into the dark doorway.