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kh_gen's Journal

Kingdom Hearts Gen-Fic
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This is a community dedicated to 'gen', a pairing-free type of fanfiction or fanart, for the video game/manga 'Kingdom Hearts'.


- No flaming. This really should be fairly self-explanatory. Treat others as you would like them to treat you.
- LJ-cut all fics beyond five hundred words, and all fanart, please. This too should be fairly obvious; nobody wants to have their friends list spammed.
- It would be appreciated if introductory posts were to contain something substantial, rather than just 'Hello, I'm new, I hope to be able to contribute something soon!' This is not an absolute rule, and the mod will be more lenient if it is broken, but nevertheless please take it into consideration.
- No pairing-fics. Take those to kh_het, khyaoi or one of the specific pairing communtiies.
- Icons may be posted here, but anymore than three must be under an lj-cut.
- No theories, please. Although this is a gen community, theories on things such as how Edward's automail works are much better suited to the kingdom_hearts community.
- Spoilers must be clearly marked.
- Anything above an R rating must be cut and labelled with a warning. Some people surf livejournal from school or from work, after all.
- Trolls will not be tolerated. Go somewhere else, like khsues, mmkay guys? They're used to you over there.
- No posting art that does not belong to you. You may link to an artist's page, but please do not upload their art, whether or not you take credit for it.
- And on that topic, no posting doujinshi you have not personally scanned. Linking to the website of the scanner/scanlater is perfectly acceptable for people to download from there is perfectly acceptable, however.
- Although this is a gen-orientated community, the moderators will not tolerate the flaming of pairings.

First offenders or those who break the rules unknowingly will receive a warning. Second offences result in suspended posting access for seven days. Those who persist in breaking the rules, however, will be banned, as will outright trolls.


If you want to affiliate with this community, feel free to contact me via my e-mail.

axelxriku - A community dedicated to the AxelxRiku pairing.
kh_rare - A community for rare KH pairings.

If you have any questions, please comment here or contact me via my e-mail.